Get the Spanish Facts Straight!

Spanish Properties Marbella encourages all potential buyers to do your homework before purchasing a property in Spain. Getting the Spanish Facts Straight is an essential part of the process.

That is why we work with professional and experienced representatives from each sector of the industry – for example, we can recommend a mortgage advisor who can secure finance, making the process smooth and easy.

But now the process of obtaining accurate information is becoming easier with Kyero Data launching to provide current statistics from the Spanish property market. The median property price across the country is now 245,000€ with an annual increase of 11.36%. In addition, the number of property transactions specific to the region of Andalucia is up 16.71% this year. Whilst it is unlikely that we will hit the highs of 2007, the Spanish Property market is now undoubtedly stabilised and certainly, on the up.

We always look to recommend sensible property purchases to our clients. The intention is always to buy at realistic prices with the potential to make profits. If you’d like to learn more about the best deals available on the market right now, please contact your Spanish Properties Marbella representative.