News Headlines from Spanish Property Market

It has been a long time since news from the Spanish Property Market has been so good. It is no exaggeration to say that positivity flows in abundance – with the only potential concern, that of a coming lack high quality product to meet increased demand.

Key messages include:

  • A national increase in property sales
  • Increased levels of new-build construction

In particular, the region of Málaga is experiencing fantastic growth.

  • The median property price has increased by 3.57% to 290,000€
  • Property transactions have increased 13.9% in the past 12 months
  • Property transactions have increased by over 30% in the last quarter
  • Domestic mortgages have increased by 43.74%

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“The Southern Spanish property market is extremely exciting right now,” says Lee Ward of Spanish Properties Marbella. “It is not only the increased flow of sales that has made 2015 interesting, but also the overall ambience of the region. Developers are creating some beautiful projects once more – both renovations and new builds –  and they are selling-out fast! In addition, individual house owners are enlivened by the activity and would like to start moving up the Spanish property ladder whilst good deals exist. This means that they are open to negotiation on their current homes. It truly is the time to buy and everyone on the ground here is aware of it.”

The Spanish Properties Marbella team is always on the lookout for great properties that make fantastic investments. We are building a business on selling properties at realistic or below market value prices to ensure that sales are quick – benefitting both the vendor and the buyer.

In addition, we now await the release of at least 3 new off plan projects from respected development companies in the area. We maintain steady communication with these developers to ensure that our clients are the first to know of a coming release – hopefully securing discounted pre-release prices.

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